Multiculturally Focused

Many New Yorkers seeking therapy have multiple, intersecting identities that may compound internalized discriminatory messages. At Sentient Psychotherapy, we value diversity, representation, and access to quality therapy for everyone. To this day, POC, Latinx, Asian-Americans, queer folks, straight/cis men, 1st generation and 3rd culture individuals (TCI) are sadly underrepresented and underserved in mental health treatment, as both providers and clients. We want to change that. At Sentient, we have a diverse team of therapists that not only represent the multicultural landscape that is NYC, but who are also well-trained in multicultural, feminist and relational therapy. We think it makes perfect sense that BIPOC and LGBTQ+ clients may feel more comfortable and connected to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ identified therapists. Likewise, if you are Asian-American, finding a culturally competent Asian therapist who can identify with the concerns you encounter, may provide a sense of deeper comfort and safety. If you’re a “guys guy,” seeking help is stigmatized and can be a hurdle when you’re in need. Having a male therapist who gets you, is helpful! 3rd culture, Latinx and 1st generation clients have unique lived experiences that might be better understood by therapists who share that identity. Minorities often share a lifetime of enduring biases that can add to the challenges you bring to treatment. Whether your Sentient psychotherapist shares your specific identities or not, all our therapists are trauma-informed and multiculturally competent, ready to serve you with knowledge, sensitivity and awareness.